Broken Social Scene – Broken Social Scene (2005)

My comments: The experimental tone is set straight away in the groovy instrumental led. Listen to it repeatedly, and then it gets under your skin. It’s lush, wild, complicated, bordering on the chaotic sometimes. This album is spectacular. It’s that simple. Granted, it is all over the map, musically speaking, but the more you listen to it the more is grows on you.


Avril Lavigne – Under My Skin (2004)

My Comments: First of all, Avril rocks!! Yeah! The lyrics are generally good. She seems to have been told to write about what she knows, with more than half the songs being about breaking up with boys, starting relationships with boys, going out with boys… You get the picture. Basically, the overall feel of the album is the guitar-based pop-rock. Although it seems kinda ‘gay’ for me to listen to this album, but I don’t care what other people say. I love Avril!!! YEAH baby!!


Enya – Amarantine (2005)

My Comments: Kinda wierd for me to listen to this kind of music eh? This is what they call celtic music. And Enya is one of the most poplular singers from this music mainstream. Honestly this is the first time I’ve listened to one of Enya’s masterpieces and only one word can describe this album, excellent and wonderful!!..erm, that’ll be 2 words. Known for her melancholic and introspective ballads, Amarantine features Enya’s best slow tracks to date–mostly ghostly and chilling. Oohh. Listening to her music will bring you into a journey of another world. Definitely you’ll be having an unforgettable experience. Lastly, everyone must acknowledge that Enya is a master of melodic songwriting and a craftswoman of the highest calibre. Woah, nice one!


Creed – Weathered (2001)

My Comments: Well, sadly it was the last album of Creed before they split up. From all three albums including two previous ones, this was the best for me. It seems that this album is the heaviest, most intense music Creed has ever written. In reality, Creed works best when it isn’t trying so hard to be “heavy”, especially on the song’s where Mark Tremonti swelling guitar blasts aren’t competing with Stapp’s vocals. Now, that really rocks!! Best tracks are : My Sacrifice, Don’t Stop Dancing, One Last Breath and Who’s Got My Back. As a whole it is a really good mix of heavy guitars, fat grooves, calm parts and just great vocals.


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  2. indhu says:

    it is very nice

  3. madia says:

    i only like avril.

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